Junior Year

This is the year you'll start making decisions about what college you'll attend. You may take a "college tour" with your parents or you may attend any number of College Fairs to help in the decision making process. If you live and go to school in Sonoma County (and several other locations), SRJC will more than likely visit your school during your Senior Year - plan now to attend every SRJC presentation or event that you hear about!

We hope that attending SRJC will be your first choice. Not only is it a great choice, but it's a smart choice! Attending SRJC will save you tons of money...something your parents will be very happy about. Here are some things you should consider doing for a successful transition to SRJC after high school:

  • Be sure you have some #Adulting tasks taken care of:
    • Have and use an email account of your own for all of your college correspondence.
    • Keep track of your usernames and passwords for your college application processes.
    • Create a resume and keep track of your employment, volunteer work, and/or student involvement in high school.
  • Review your high school graduation requirements and make sure you are on track.
  • Enroll at SRJC as a high school student to get caught up on credits or get a head start on your college classes.
  • Don't give up on taking Math next year. Students who continue to take Math through their Senior year are more prepared to take college level Mathematics courses at SRJC.

There are lots of people at SRJC to help you be successful.

Are YOU ready?

Follow the Steps for New Students to ensure your success:

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Orientation
  • Step 3: Check and Understand your Placement
  • Step 4: Education Planning and Counseling
  • Step 5: Enroll/Register for classes
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