High School Counselors

The resources below will be helpful in assisting students interested in attending Santa Rosa Junior College upon graduation, as well as for those students intending to take college classes concurrently with their high school courses. You may wish to bookmark this page to keep these helpful links easily accessible.


SRJC Student Outreach serves nearly 65 high schools in Sonoma County (and beyond by request) and works closely with high school counselors to schedule informational presentations, OpenCCC Apply Workshops, College Nights or other outreach activities at your high school site. Our goal is to provide student success workshops at every high school upon request. Please contact Michelle Poggi, Director, Student Outreach, for more information or to inquire about possible activities for your students.


High School Counselors and Partners Conference

All high schools counselors are encouraged to attend the annual conference. See the Events page for more information.


Outreach Plan for 2018-19

For Summer and Fall 2019 admissions, registration will take place prior to the end of the school year, before the students start summer break. Students will register for both semesters in two transactions during the same registration session. This timeline provides many benefits:

1.       Allows students to plan ahead. 

2.       Allows high school seniors to register for fall term prior to summer break, and allows outreach staff to assist them with registration before they graduate.

3.       Provides ample time (June-July-Aug) for the SRJC Outreach team to reach out to students who did not register during their priority registration date.

4.       Provides early fall semester enrollment projections to SRJC department chairs and faculty before entering summer break.

An earlier registration schedule creates a sense of urgency for students to take advantage of SRJC Student Outreach team visits to the high schools, but also creates a need for an early outreach timeline. The Student Outreach team is committed to providing services to assist students with applications for admission, Doyle Scholarship and Doyle Trustee Award applications, enrollment/registration in Counseling 270 courses for Spring 2019, and enrollment/registration in Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 courses. Students will be staged for success at SRJC before graduation!

Please see below for a general overview of the plan for SRJC outreach this year, and who to contact to schedule our visits to your school.


Fall 2018 semester

High School Counselors & Partners Conference
October 19
Seniors Presentations & Spring 2018 Application Workshops
October & November
College Nights/Parent Information Nights/College & Career Fairs
Financial Aid Information Nights/Cash for College Workshops
Senior Enrollment Workshops (for concurrent enrollment in Spring semester COUN 270)
Starting December 7

Spring 2019 semester

Spring semester COUN 270 Classes (see Schedule of Classes)
Financial Aid Information Nights/Cash for College Workshops
College and Career Fairs
Summer/Fall 2019 Application Workshops
Senior Enrollment Workshops (for enrollment in Summer AND Fall 2018 classes; for new fully matriculated students with COUN 270 successfully completed)
Starting May 2 (tentative)
Senior Day
April 27 (Santa Rosa Campus)

Contacts (Subject to change):

Seniors Presentations/Workshops/College Nights/Fairs: Contact your Student Outreach Liaison (not the Counseling Liaison)    

Financial Aid/Cash for College Nights: Margaret Mann | mmann@santarosa.edu | 707-524-1545

Campus Tours: Drina Ochoa | aochoa@santarosa.edu | 707-527-4863

Campus Visits/CTE Departments: Oscar Guajardo | oguajardo@santarosa.edu | 707-527-4858

EOPS presentations: Rafael Vázquez | rvasquez@santarosa.edu | 707-527-4585

ELL Presentations (classroom presentations or ELAC meetings):

Yesenia Hurtado | yhurtado@santarosa.edu | 707-778-4194

Colleen Olmstead | colmstead@santarosa.edu | 707-527-4611  


Application Workshops (Online Application for Admission/Doyle Applications) for High School Seniors - Helpful Hints

OpenCCC Apply workshops for high school seniors will be held in October/November 2018 (for Spring 2019) and in March/April 2019 (for Summer/Fall 2019) at high schools throughout the Sonoma County Junior College District (or at schools outside the SRJC District, by request.) These workshops are hands-on and will provide the student with assistance in submitting their online Application for Admission, Doyle Scholarship applications, and prepare them to register for a Spring 2019 Counseling 270 class. Each student should know their cumulative GPA (9th-11th grade, unweighted) in order to submit the appropriate Doyle Scholarship application based on their GPA.

Have students bring the following to the workshop:

  1. Photo Identification (required, if any additional forms or assistance is needed to process their application)
  2. If a student has already submitted an online application, be sure they know their OpenCCC Apply Username and password as well as their SRJC Student ID (SID) number and PIN.
  3. Log in information (user name and password) to an email account they will use for college, and can access during the workshop
  4. Cell phone to use for calling the OpenCCC Help line, if needed
  5. Pen or pencil

Have students follow the Steps for New Students to ensure their success:

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Assessment
  • Step 3: Orientation
  • Step 4: Education Plan and Counseling
  • Step 5: Enroll





Other Resources

Other helpful links are listed on the Resources page, or go to the Santa Rosa Junior College Home page for more options.