Student Outreach Recap | 2020-2021

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303 activities/events.

Student Contacts
Infographic_student contacts

4797 student contacts.

infographic - cash for college
Cash 4 College

15 Cash For College workshops.

442 prospective students served.


97 application and registration workshops for high schools both in and outside Sonoma County.

1090 prospective students served.


15 presentations about SRJC for high schools both in and outside Sonoma County.

224 prospective students served.

Infographic_HS Senior Days
HS Senior Days

In 2020-2021, no Senior Days were conducted due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Infographic_campus tours
Campus Tours

In 2020-2021, there were no tours conducted due to COVID-19 restrictions.

inforgraphic_counseling 270
COUN 270

High school senior enrolled in COUN 270 in the 2021-22 school year.

infographic - Piner High School Early Magnet Program
Piner ECM
Piner High School Early College Magnet (ECM) Program

Piner High School students participated in the Early Magnet College Program.

Infographic_high school counselor conference
High School Counselor Conference

1 virtual conference in the Fall 0f 2020.

infographic_incarcerated students
Incarcerated Student

0 incarcerated students served due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Infographic_remote services
Remote Services

138 remote services.

2241 people served.

Infographic_community events
Fairs & Community Events

1 event.

  • WACAC Virtual Fair
Credit by Exam

The Outreach Team assisted in the process of Credit by Exam.

  • RCHS

2 high school students served.


  • Job Fairs

    6 Career Education-related Career Fairs.

    95 prospective students served.

  • Career Education Tours

    0 Career Education tour due to COVID-19 restrictions.