Student Outreach

The SRJC Student Outreach and Dream Center teams respectfully add our voices to the shared solidarity of our SRJC community. We stand with all Black and African American colleagues and friends, their families, our students, and partners in the community and beyond. We believe that Black Lives Matter.

We work under the principles of our Core Values including compassion in all interactions, and maintaining an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect. We promise to follow our core values that influence the work we do and how we do it. We promise to listen, learn, and leverage our work to make real change. We will show support through our actions to dismantle the status quo of hate and violence and replace it with a new reality of respect, love, safety, and peace for all Black and African American people and all People of Color. We are listening and we are with you.

SRJC Student Outreach and Dream Center Teams

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